New Rules for the New Economy

A little more than 10 years ago Kevin Kelly released his path-breaking book that explored the differences between the old and the new economy. The book came to influence much of the work I have been doing for ten years – and also was a cornerstone in the creation of fluidminds, which I recently left.

When the IT bubble burst in 2003 the term "New Economy" was banned from usage and only used in strictly negative meaning. Already then I thought this was a shame. It was a shame that ordninary people and media folks couldn't tell the difference between greed/speculation and the underlying trends in the economy.

So, it warms me immensely that Kevin Kelly has continued his storytelling around the book and is now also bit by bit publishing it online. Respect.

If you never read the book back in 98 do it now. If you did, it is time for a re-read. Direct your browser here!

And here KK gives his own view of the book's relevance today.


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