What happened to climate change?

Seems the issue of climate change got lost in the current economic downturn. Why is this? Personally I think the issue was losing attention already. Because it is complex and it is really difficult for the average person to relate to and do something about. 

I would say economic issues of today are just as complex but they give more immediate feedback to the individual. Rising atmospheric temperature is less direct than losing your job or having the banks say no to a planned loan. And the paradox of the last few weeks is that petrol prices have come down a lot – making people think that the last price hike was "unnormal" and this level is "normal". So, off we go in our cars again…

Now, any reflecting person knows that this is something we have to address. Suspending personal CO2 reduction intiatives because you've lost your job or the cost of living has gone up doesn't make sense. Life in a complex system is never seldom or, instead more often all of the above. 

This post could be seen as a commentary on climate. But I'd rather you see it as an example of the challenges and changes we humans face and how they in turn will come to define "the new world of work". If we are to address complexites of this sort, we will need to approach work differently. And many already are.


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