Stay clear from assholes

It is always risky to judge others. But recently my sense is that I've run into unusually many assholes – in business, in my community work and in private life. Inevitably one should take the Dalai Lama perspective and point one's finger at oneself and do some heavy analysis. 

Sure, I'm no saint, but I really haven't shifted my values much. But I can see that my tolerance for certain types of behavior has decreased. I get pissed off more at stupid things people do. At people not thinking things through. At greed and selfish behavior. Not too pretty and shows lack of self-discipline, I know.

Anyway, my intention wasn't to offload. Instead it was to share my joy of finding Bob Sutton's blog. He is a management professor at Stanford and has written a book called The No Asshole Rule. Apparently there are quite a few assholes out there which comforted me some. But I still promise to shape up my own act :-)

Have a peek at his blog and see if you find any thing you like.


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  1. Dear Jan,
    maybe you could see it this way. You get more aware of things and misconduct and therefore you react more strongly on it means your tolerance has decreased but for a good reason. ;-)
    Keep on shaping your mind, opening your eyes and smiling brighly. The latter I guess H.H. the Dalai Lama would recommend the most.
    I hope you are well despite all assholes!
    All the very best,

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