Inspired by Social Entrepreneurs

The last week excelled in meeting wildly inspiring entrepreneurs. What they have in common is their focus on a mission beyond money, be it specific social and/or environmental problems.

The "guru" of social business is in my eyes Muhammad Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and has helped millions and millions of people out of poverty. If you haven't read any of his books – do it.

The people I met at an Ashoka event in Stockholm last week haven't reached the scale of Grameen Bank, but are moving in that direction:

Johannes Hengstenberg runs co2online, a service that helps households reduce greenhouse emissions and also save money.

Tara Cunningham runs Release, an organization that offers speech therapy to children in a revolutionizing way.

Caroline Casey runs Kanchi (formerly the Aisling Foundation) that works on changing attitudes towards disabilities. See her in the clip below.

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