Critical mass?

I’ve been thinking about the seemingly slow changes in human behaviour – after the alarms about climate change, and after the recent oil price hikes.

Why do people still drive around in big and increasingly expensive cars? And at the same time ignore their own responsibility for lightening their footprint? It doesn’t make much sense.

I halved my car expenses and CO2 emissions with one car change. Sure, my other car is still in operation, but I do believe that it somewhere down the line put a wreck out of business. And sure, that wreck has to be scrapped, using even more (fossil) energy. But – materials could hopefully be recycled and hopefully reduce the need of harmful raw material extraction.

This put aside, I’m still amazed that people willingly would chose to pay 50% more to continue polluting when there are alternatives.

If one consults the ”laws” of product adoption I could imagine that there are a lot of early adopters out there, swithing products, changing habits, etc. The mass in the middle of the bell curve are kind of doing what they have always done and at best checking out what the early adopters are up to. Then at one point the switching starts to gain momentum and boom it has just happened. All but the laggards have adopted the new thing.

I do hope this will start to happen soon. But I can’t really see it yet.

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