Seeing the madness #4

This is a little innocent, but certainly drives home my point of seeing the everyday madness in our lives:

A car dealer here in Stockholm is offering all women who have entered certain running race a free ”very good” lunch. And the opportunity to ”rest your legs and testdrive a brand new Ford, Volvo or Renault”.

I believe the madness speaks for itself, but just in case:
• running = healthy, sporty, etc
• cars = unhealthy, pollution, etc
• lunch = a very small gift to sell a very expensive car, etc
• rest = not something we need cars or car dealers for, etc.

On top of this – potentially discriminating against women. I don’t think an ad directed toward men runners would tell them to come and rest and have lunch.

It would be kind of cool if a couple of hundred showed up at once, had their lunch and lay down in/on the cars on show for a nap. Just to annoy the thoughtless jerks.

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