Crayfish season

Kraftor_2In Sweden August is the time to enjoy crayfish. Ideally a warm late summer evening with 10-15 friends. The setting is very simple – boiled crayfish in a special broth with lots of dill, a few cheese pies, and loads of beer, wine and snaps. Funny hats (not so much these days). Sit outside. Songs. See the sun set. Get fairly drunk. Stay up way too late. Wobble home.

I was invited to one of these wonderful events yesterday evening and found that the conversation was different. Not only me, but most at the party (of whom I knew very few) people were discussing climate, environment, social issues, food production, eco-products, population growth and other important matters.

I loved it. It sparked energy and some hope in me. Perhaps, just perhaps, the conversations and stories are starting to shift in our everyday life…

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