This is a term that I’ve run into just recently. Typical American approach it seems to me – invent a cool buzzname, create a competitive element and people get going. So now a category of nerds compete for best MPG (or litres per 100 km in Europe).

Although improving fuel economy is very good goal it is a little amusing that so few put up environmental objectives (or results) as a part of the deal. It is all about economy and competing. An example can be found here. And here.

People can be very strange. Has anybody thought of the idea of not driving at all…? Or reducing driving? In few places can this recommendation be found. So, what essentially is promoted is to continue your habit of driving as much as you want – but minimize the impact of higher fuel prices. A little single-minded I’d say.

This list on the other hand comes out as more sensible. So there is a little hope still ;-)

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