Still hovering

Nope. I haven’t figured out yet where this blog is gonna go. My sense is that I want to give it another shot, but that I need to alter the focus towards a concept that makes it easier to write once a day. The current focus "finding a hopeful future" is too difficult for me. My position is that the planet and humanity can be saved – but that we’re not very likely to do it. Very pessimistic. Very fatalistic. Not a good point of departure for a blog, I think. Who wants to read endless whining about how lousy we people are…?

If I could master satire and irony better I could maybe pull it off. But they don’t teach that in school. And I never picked up the talent by myself.

So, what are my options? God knows. The exploration continues.

I’ve opened this post for comments. Please feel free to give me any advice you might have.

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  1. Glad you decided to continue with this blog. Came across it just now by accident, and found it interesting enough to stay for a while. Don’t have any specific advice, but agree with a point you made in an earlier post that we need to accept the full spectrum of hope and despair in our lives. And I’d like to think that just by sharing, some of that despair gets lessened.

  2. I would suggest to create and focus on your intention with the blog, the state you want to create in others and within yourself.(for example thoughtfulness,happiness,innovation, creativity etc). The right intention moves you forward. Stick to the intention, and change the plan on a behaviour level. I hope this could provoke some thoughts for the road.

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