Politics in Sweden – perhaps everywhere?

The Swedish government, through prime minister Reinfeldts personal interest, is trying to profile itself as enviro-conscious and taking action against the green-house effect. They have signaled that reductions of CO2 emissions need to happen, but have been generally careful in saying how much and when. (Surprise).

The other day a government appointed council on climate issues announced that reductions will have to be substantially larger and made faster than the government officially has announced. (Surprise again).

From the point of view of politics this is a brilliant play. Now Reinfeldt can say "well, our scientists tell us that we have to do more, and of course that will be what we’ll try to do". Etc. Etc.

Ponder if he from start had said that emission cuts had to be substantial and made fast. End of political career? Well, at least damn close. I am convinced that the prime minister knew beforehand what the scientists would conclude. (Because he is smart). But couldn’t say it. Now he has an alibi. And can stay in office a little longer.