New(s) habits

Only this morning I realized that I have totally changed my news consumption habits. I still check the news on the web quite often. And I still have a subscription for a daily newspaper. But instead of spending loads of time reading, I’m scanning and reading very selectively. What I’m scanning for is stuff that seemingly disturbs "normal" news patterns. In a day I might find two pieces that I read. I also spend more time on editorials, where reasoning and ideology is more evident. What I’ve stopped consuming is the endless predictable reports of tragedies, accidents, crime, politics, etc. All bla bla bla and the same from day to day.

(It is actually quite amazing that there exists a business in supplying people with information about life just evolving… Like we’re not experiencing it anyway. Life evolving that is.)

What a relief it has become! I feel as though I have physically freed up space in my mind for more interesting (and important?) stuff.