Apart from having a work load from hell right now I’m feeling increasingly overwhelmed by my search process
into the areas of sustainability and the future for mankind.

The net is swamped with activity, not only in Scandinavia, but more or less everywhere. People are very concerned. And asking good questions. Many are experimenting with new practices. Or pointing out stuff they have heard of.

I find this encouraging.

In the "real world" I’m struggling to understand why politicians, business, government agencies and even some NGO
s are seemingly tone deaf in their approaches. Is this due to a generational gap? Orhave our powerful and mighty not got access to alternative communication channels? Is it arrogance? What?

Not so encouraging.

Perhaps the transition to a sustainable life style has to be grassroots driven. Like in the old-style revolutions with the key players being outside the power elite, but well educated and of middle class.

Man, all this is really spinning my head. And ultimately I end up asking myself – what is my role?