An irritating Dane

Yesterday was the first time I ever heard of Bjørn Lomborg. He had written a column in Dagens Nyheter (a Swedish daily paper newspaper) that caught my eye. I read it and got pissed.

I went on the web and checked the guy out. Turns out he is quite famous as an enviro-sceptic. Both celebrated and heavily criticized. Now, I have no intention of judging the man after only knowing of him for 16 hours. But I will continue to study what he says and what reactions he gets to his message.

On a higher level I respect Lomborg for putting out his message. If he is right then we should follow his suggestions. If he is wrong then this is a good opportunity for environmentalists to sharpen their arguments and get their message through better.

For now I’m sceptic towards the sceptic. But also sceptic towards my own thought process and what I allow to influence me.

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