Here goes…

The switch to English is now made. The last couple of days I’ve been updating the framework of my blog. As it now goes my general ambition is to write about stuff that brings us hope for the future. As every normal person around I’m going to fail miserably with this now and then and probably fall into a black hole of despair and frustration. But I think thats the point with the future – it’s a constant battle between hope and despair.

What pisses me off is that Swedish media seems to love the bad stuff more than the good stuff. Probably because bad news sells better than good. If we were to trust their coverage then I would be convinced that the world will come to an end – very soon. Luckily a lot of interesting/promising/crazy/fun/good stuff is going on also. Grassroots things. Official big stuff also (although I’m reluctant to admit big can be good). It’s a fun challenge to try and dig them out.

The main focus for my attention will be stuff going on in Scandinavia. And looking in the intersections between business, public and social sectors. Imagine that anything new and remotely hopeful will be found in such border areas.

So I’ll get started and see where things go.