The New World of Work

Slips_2So, it is high time to (briefly) lay out my thoughts on what I will redirect this blog towards. 

The premise is this: Work is being redefined. 

Well, work has probably always been in an evolutionary process. Still, new aspects of work are making its mark today. Obvious things as globalization, networks, communication technology have made both employers and employees aware of new loyalites and new priorities. But also new ways of doing work. And perhaps even defining work.

The point here is not to state the obvious, but to signal that "the new world of work" is a significant arena to explore, conceptualize and share in the years to come. In the broad arena of work lies most of humanity's modern challenges – sustainability, equality, making a decent living, etc.

My work with the business sector the last 10 years tells me that companies (and most organizations in general) will increasingly be challenged to understand the new world of work and not only adjust to it – but ideally push forward and lead the way into a more hopeful future.

So, this is the basis of my exploration. This blog will try to capture the evolving thinking, conceptualization and shaping/prototyping of the new world of work.