New world of work + Friendly troublemaking

Since I left fluidminds (a company I co-founded 10 years ago) a little more than a week ago I've been thinking some about this blog. I've tuned in on Seth Godin's and other wise people's ideas about good blogs.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a very good blog. But I'd like it to be. And the key to that is to focus on you as a reader and not so much on me as a writer/thinker. Obviously reader and writer have to connect through the content. I have to have some form of talent and experience that attracts a reader base. And I have to take the initiative and put content out that I believe would generate reader interest.

So, my simple premise for this blog is to carry on the work I started out at fluidminds a couple of months ago. Work and writing that had started to generate a small reader base.

The broad theme and area of interest is The New World of Work. My goal is to explore this area in its broadest sense. My next post will draw the outline of this exploration.

A method of exploring and communicating that I enjoy and find fairly effective is what I call friendly troublemaking. I'll expand on this in a coming post. 

I hope to share lots of friendly troublemaking with you in the future days, weeks, months and years and hope you will do the same with me!