The paradox of personal wealth

With few exceptions it seems that the rule of our life styles is that the more cash you are good for the more you harm the planet.

I find it a total paradox that the people that have the best opportunities to lead a sustainable life, don’t.

These are the people that can afford the more expensive renewable energy – but don’t make that choice. That can afford the more expensive hybrid and electric cars – but buy a Hummer. That can afford the more expensive locally produced and biologically sound  food – but stick to beef and imported apples. That can afford to make CO2 offsets for their extensive (and expensive) travel habits – and won’t throw an extra €50 on tree planting. That can afford to put their extra cash into projects that build sustainability or stop hunger – but get a third car instead.  That can afford to build personal status by NOT consuming…

In all honesty, I’m also part of this pattern although I don’t consider myself overly wealthy. This disease that comes with personal wealth needs to be cured somehow.