Climate threat increases risk of wars

Swedish defense research agency FOI today announced results of a research project – the increasing threat of climate change also inreases the risk for regional conflicts and wars. Supposedly areas in Africa and also China are at larger risk for conflicts.

Apparently this is a new angle of research. Only the US and Germany have done work in this area before.

I dunno, I might be out of line here; but are they totally out of their minds wasting government time and money on an issue that a monkey can figure out…?!! Do we need science to confirm what any vaguely intelligent person already knows?

Of course unsustainable practices drive conflicts. If food supply, land access and quality and population size don’t match there’s bound to be a struggle. If desperation grows, ugly things will happen. And should we be surprised that it is in the already most unstable places that the risk for escalating conflict is highest?

Wow, I actually thought a civil war on Iceland was the most likely scenario. Thank you FOI for putting things straight.