Are we confusing things again?

About ten years ago we had an internet and IT hype that turned into a huge economical bubble. A few argued  early on that a new economy was being established due to the internet. Today – post-bubble – I’d say they were right. But lots of people that got hit when the bubble burst couldn’t (wouldn’t) take this in. And they are struggling to catch up today.

Could it be the same with the climate issue today? Because of all the climate babble – pros and cons – we’re missing out on the underlying issue. That our way of life is unsustainable.

As far as I’m concerned it is the issue of sustainability that is central. And to tackle this we need new ways of thinking. The climate issue – although alarming and important – is largely debated within our current thinking.

My fear is that we will have a "climate bubble" that bursts in a few years. And that we won’t have listened enough to the people working on sustainability.

Valuable time lost, I’d say.