I founded my business 1993 and have evolved a practice that guides and supports people and organizations with their development. My approach is holistic and generalist, drawing on knowledge and experience from a wide range of sources, and also opening space for inner development.

I have a broad business background and have worked +25 years as a coach and consultant in the domains of leadership, management and organizational development. Over the years I have also started several small businesses and social ventures. I am a trained qigong instructor and masseur, and also a meditation practitioner. An important part of me and my work is connecting with nature as a way of increasing my presence and consciousness.

I have my physical practice in Stockholm, Sweden. I also work remotely and am open to doing work outside Sweden if the conditions are mutually beneficial. Please contact me at +46 733 312222 or jan@knowhouse.se for inquiries.

Jan de Man Lapidoth