I work with development of people. Individually, in groups or in whole organizations. My speciality is to move in spaces, invite new perspectives and challenge beyond established thought patterns. It is when we are challenged, encounter uncertainty and complexity, and not really know what to do, that we can develop. And sometimes innovate.

My main work method is conversations. That are safe, allow emergence and offer clarity and guidance. A key assumption in my work is that challenges are valuable opportunities for development, also in awareness and maturity. Which in turn strengthens long term competitiveness and resilience of the enterprise.

For over thirty years I have worked at the intersections of leadership, culture and organizational development, in all societal sectors. Over the years I have also co-founded several smaller enterprises and social ventures. 

I have my physical practice in Stockholm, Sweden. I also work remotely and am open to doing work outside Sweden if the conditions are mutually beneficial. 

Please get in touch at jan@knowhouse.se or +46 733 31 22 for an explorative conversation around your needs and challenges. 

You can find more information about me and my work in my LinkedIn profile.