In memory of a great guy

I learned yesterday that my South African friend D died in a river rafting accident on Sunday. He will be buried today. D was the great guy that made our trips to SA such memorable experiences. Our reason for going there was to adopt our two children, but we quickly hooked up with D who… Fortsätt läsa In memory of a great guy

New things in the making

  I've spent more or less the whole day with a couple of network buddies, chomping on some real opportunities. What we've tried to do is put the concept of Management Innovation into some context, sex it up a little and see if we have a new entrepreneurial initiative on our hands. It turns out… Fortsätt läsa New things in the making

Meetings, meetings # 2

Seth presents an irritatingly clear way to sort up the meeting mess at your work place. Will you follow his advice? If you are a Swede, I doubt it. We seem to love over-populated undisciplined chit chat. I'm not saying it doesn't have an important social function, just that it would be a welcome distraction… Fortsätt läsa Meetings, meetings # 2

Collapse forward

In the spirit of my interest in societal collapse this small article caught my interest at Worldchanging. //jan

Drop everything!

A truly fabulous film with Sir Ken Robinson on his new book and what lies behind it. Take 39 minutes out of your busy life and indulge. Then ask yourself the tough question: are you in your element? I'm not – but since half a year back definitely moving in the right direction. //jan

Management 2.0 by Gary Hamel

Below you find the first part of Gary Hamel's very interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal. Gives som nice evidence of the new world of work. //jan Read the rest of the article here.

The right size

Don't miss Seth Godin' brilliant thoughts on size. As usual – spot on. And as I have tried to articulate here earlier – small is beautiful, and small will dominate in the new world of work. //jan

Brand You is back!?

In these down times building your personal brand is suddenly hot again. Remember how hot it was 8-10 years ago!? I remember a cover from Fast Company with BRAND YOU! all over it. Here's a Swedish clip from daily paper Dagens Nyheter on the theme (in Swedish). Note the professor – what brand is he… Fortsätt läsa Brand You is back!?